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Vambora is a platform that makes international relocation easy. Plan your move and find the right services, all in one place!

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Connect with our partners to access services before you move!

Bank account


Do you need a bank account before moving? Apply online and check this item off your moving list!

Housing services


Looking for a place to call home in KW region? Our partners will help you find a place based on your specific needs!

Cell phone plan


Get a cell phone plan with data and activate your account 24h before your arrival! Stay connected with Vambora.



Do you need insurance for your new home? We got you covered! Apply online, it's that simple :)



Schedule shuttle services from the airport and have a driver waiting for you! No stress, just enjoy the ride.

Home internet


Do you need home internet set up as soon as you arrive? We help you get that done!

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Make rent payment with confidence

international relocation platform

Landlords don't accept international wire transfers... but don't worry! With Vambora payment services you can pay rent with peace of mind and secure housing before coming to Canada!

Our Features

Generate a plan in seconds and make decisions based on your budget

Vambora allows you to uncover and compare the cost of living for over 400 Canadian cities. Generate a plan in seconds based on a desired lifestyle and start saving for the move of your life. Let's go?

Cost of living for 400+ Canadian cities
Customizable and easy to use

Make your dreams a reality.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to make international relocation easy

Vambora's mission is to empower people to chase their dreams of living a better life. By simplifying the relocation process and bringing together immigrants and local community, we strive to alleviate the stress of making major life decisions.

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Excellent experience

“I tried to open a bank account directly with a Canadian bank, but the entire process was complicated and time consuming. With Vambora the process was simple: just filled out a form and it took only 2 business days to have my account opened. I'm glad I could transfer funds and secure housing before moving to Canada!”

henrique bilbao
Blumenau, Brazil
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Absolutely amazing

“When I was about to move to Canada, I needed to open a bank account as soon as possible so I could provide my landlord a "void cheque" to secure my rental. Vambora gave me all the necessary support to open it before moving to the country.”

Hugo Honorio
João Pessoa, Brazil
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A must-have tool

“It took me months to find reliable information and estimate how much money I would need for my first year in Canada. With Vambora I was able to create the same plan within seconds, it's incredible! I couldn't believe how much time this could've saved me...”

Thaissa Kubo
São Paulo, Brazil

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