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“Moving to Toronto was an exciting but daunting experience for me as a newcomer. Finding a place to live without an established credit history seemed impossible. That's when I discovered the Vambora Trust Profile. It streamlined the entire lease application and we didn't need to pay extra to secure my unit. It truly made a difference in my relocation journey. Highly recommend it!”
Rosiane T.
Toronto, Newcomer
“I've been working in the education industry for over 20 years, and have witnessed the struggles international students face. It brings a smile to my face to see the work that Vambora is doing to help newcomers to Canada. As an immigrant myself, I can certainly relate to the problems they are trying to solve. I found it very difficult to access the services I needed when relocating from Germany to Canada - my credit history and financial data was forgotten, and I had the feeling of 'starting from scratch'. I wish there had been a solution like Vambora!”
Johanna Ziegler
Director of Admissions, Merrick Preparatory School
“The Vambora Trust Profile gives newcomers the same credibility as domestic applicants for their credit assessments. It levels the playing field in a situation where they would often be at a disadvantage.
Tyler Adams
Leasing Manager, Kitchener
“As a service provider for international students, we are so excited to be able to offer the Vambora Partner Program to our students. Vambora's innovative solution is a game-changer for those with no established credit history in North America, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their financial stability and creditworthiness. With Vambora, students can confidently pursue their housing search, empowering them to secure housing in Canada's competitive market. We're thrilled to be partnering with Vambora and highly recommend their services!”
Luiz Pion
VP of Business Development, Hero Financials
“Preparing to study abroad is extremely challenging. International students have a difficult time accessing services such as banking, insurance, and housing due to a lack of credit history and references here in Canada. With Vambora students have access to a free platform that enables them to plan their move, and access the services they need to be successful. Great experience overall - highly recommended!”
Gary Hallam
VP International, Conestoga College
“Newcomers are vulnerable to fraud, and given they don't have an established credit history in Canada, landlords are often much more demanding financially when compared with Canadians. Vambora can help newcomers to avoid being defrauded by unscrupulous companies and/or landlords. This, on its own, is greatly important.”
Marc-Andre Ranger
Founder, Immisight
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