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Vambora Trust Profile empowers landlords and property management companies to easily screen domestic and international lease applicants. Build trust and simplify your tenant screening process with Vambora!

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Vambora Trust Profile

Introducing Vambora Trust Profile, a revolutionary solution that combines Open Banking, digital identity verification, and fraud prevention to empower individuals and businesses, building trust and fostering seamless leasing experiences in today's complex world.


Comprehensive Financial Data Access

Harness the power of Open Banking to gain access to a wealth of financial data, enabling a fair assessment of creditworthiness and trustworthiness based on real-time, accurate information from various financial institutions.

Don’t trust strangers. Know your clients

Our digital identity verification process incorporates Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks for individuals, and Know Your Business (KYB) checks for businesses, ensuring you're dealing with genuine parties and minimizing the risk of fraud.

Fraud detection made easy

Vambora's fraud prevention system continuously monitors watchlists and alerts you of any suspicious activities, helping you stay vigilant and safeguarding your interests against potential threats in the leasing process.

How it works?


Request access to a Trust Profile

Initiate the process by requesting access to a consumer's financial data and digital identity verification through our secure platform.


Consumers set up a new profile and provide consent

Upon receiving your request, the consumer grants consent for you to access their data. Vambora Trust Profile ensures that consumer privacy is maintained, and permissions are managed according to their preferences.


Analyze data and underwrite consumer

With access to the consumer's financial data and digital identity verification, analyze the information to make informed decisions, reduce risk, and offer tailored services to your clients.

Onboard new clients in secure and scalable way

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Frequently Asked

What is Vambora?

We are the first cross-border Open Banking aggregator, and our goal is to be an alternative to credit.

Our identity verification system is powered by Plaid, and we can verify identities and documents for 200+ countries and territories.

How does Vambora Trust Profile work?

Vambora Trust Profile uses open banking data and digital identity verification to help individuals build a risk profile, comprised of financial information like income, balances, transactions, etc.

The profile can be shared with landlords and property management companies during the lease application process. The system is based on consent, and users can manage who has access to the profile.

What makes Vambora different from other credit services?

Our platform is built on open banking data and digital identity verification, providing a more inclusive and equitable approach to financial assessments. If one of your clients is moving to a new country, we use information from their origin country to build the Trust Profile.

How does Vambora make money?

Vambora makes money when landlords access a Trust Profile to analyze a consumer’s financial information. Vambora helps landlords and other businesses to make data-informed decisions.

What countries does Vambora support?

Vambora supports Open Banking in 20+ countries, providing access to comprehensive financial data from various financial institutions.

For digital identity verification, we offer coverage in 200+ countries and territories, ensuring a global reach and seamless experience for our users.

As we continue to expand, we strive to include more countries and enhance our services to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses worldwide.

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