Canada, we have lift off! Vambora platform 1.0 is here

Canada, we have lift off! Vambora platform 1.0 is here

By Amadeu Ferreira, March 1, 2022

Hundreds of thousands of people leave their home country and move to Canada every year for a chance to live a better life. The journey to make their dreams come true is really stressful and time-consuming. 

As an immigrant who moved to Canada in 2016, I know how hard this is, and that's why we founded Vambora. We started this project only six months ago with our big dream to make international relocation easy. 

Today is a special day for us as this big dream starts to gain shape and form in time-space. We're happy to announce that Vambora 1.0 (Beta) is now live 🚀

Shall we get to the nitty-gritty? Let's go!

The goal

Before creating this product, we have conducted research with over 130 immigrants, and we learned that there are two big problems to be solved.

  1. Estimating the cost of living of their first year in Canada;
  2. Accessing essential services when they're about to move to Canada.

The overall goal of Vambora 1.0 is to LEARN. We want to test and improve how the solution we've built will solve these two problems for newcomers.

Right now, we're focused on providing the best experience to users coming to Ontario only. We will expand gradually as the project grows.


By nature, Beta products are working-in-progress solutions, which means you'll find bugs and other areas that need improvement when utilizing the platform.

For now, the platform is optimized for:

  • Desktop view only 
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

The overall design might break if you use the platform with a different device or browser.

User Feedback

We're excited to know your thoughts about Vambora 1.0! You can provide feedback by accessing the feedback form under your profile dropdown menu.

Where to find the feedback form

If you haven't signed up yet, click the 'Sign Up' button and let's go 🚀✌️

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