Vambora hires ex-ApplyBoard as VP of Business Development

Vambora hires ex-ApplyBoard as VP of Business Development

Vambora is growing fast. Today, we're happy to announce that Roy Joggesser has joined the Vambora team as the VP of Business Development.

Roy has over four years of experience in the international student recruitment field and is a graduate of Conestoga College. He is joining us from ApplyBoard, where he was pivotal in developing the sales team and outreach in foreign countries. At Vambora, Roy will lead our business development team to support international students in finding appropriate services before their relocation.

"Moving to a foreign country can be overwhelming. When I moved from Mauritius to Canada in 2016, I faced many of the same struggles I had while being an international student for the first time in Malaysia, and hence, I resonate with Vambora's mission and core values on a personal level. I'm looking forward to helping reduce the challenges of relocation and make the journey easier for students and new immigrants."

Besides work, Roy is passionate about dogs. He has a three-year-old Australian Sheppard whom he adores and can't imagine his life without! His dog, Love, brings even more joy and energy to his life. Roy is also a big soccer fan and can't wait for the FIFA World Cup 2022 to start.

You can check Roy's profile on LinkedIn.

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