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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vambora a Financial Institution in Canada?

No. Vambora is a Canadian "fintech" startup. We're offering the Rent Payment Service as our first fintech service.

Do I need to pay to use the platform?

The platform is completely FREE to use. By FREE we mean that you don't need to pay for creating an account and using the platform for cost estimation or hiring services.

Why do I need a cost estimation?

Research shows that most newcomers go through financial hurdles due to a lack of proper planning. Estimate how much you'll need for your first year in Canada based on the cost of living of over 400 cities.

Do you help me create an immigration plan to Canada?

No. We provide "non-fintech" services through our partners, and we plan to add a partner in the immigration consultancy space soon. Hang in there!

How do I hire services using Vambora?

In the 'Services' page on the platform, we list all the services available for those moving soon to Canada. Bear in mind each service might have different eligibility criteria.

Do you cover all cities in Canada?

Right now we have services for those moving to KW Region and Ontario.  We're working on expanding our partnerships and fintech services to other Provinces and major Canadian cities.

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