About Us

Our mission is to make international relocation easy

By simplifying the relocation process and bringing together newcomers and local community, we strive to alleviate the stress of moving to Canada.

Our Story

It's hard to know what you don't know.

Moving to a different country can be scary. Making multiple decisions with limited understanding is challenging. Finding necessary services prior to your arrival makes the whole process even more stressful...

This is where Vambora comes in!

Our Mission

Moving to a different country should be easier.

Adapting to a new country is difficult. The journey feels lonely at times and even small things might be overwhelming. As we left our country we had lots of help from other immigrants.

The sense of community brings us comfort and we want to make that a reality to those who are planning their Canadian journey.

- Amadeu Ferreira, CEO & Founder

Vambora is a Brazilian slang that means "Let's go!"

We want to inspire people to pursue a better life when relocating to a new country.

Our Values

The core values that shape our culture

User Experience

We always put our users first. They dictate what to build and where we can create value. We strive to build seamless digital experiences.


We are passionate about helping people, and that means taking care of each other. We believe that the world can be more compassionate.

Connection and Belonging

We're all tired of toxic corporate culture dictating who we should be. We believe we all deserve to be valued by who we are.

Growth mentality

We foster a culture of learning and executing fast. Our goal is to try new things and grow 1% every day so we're always moving forward.

Become part of the Vambora community and let's go!