Our mission is to democratize finance.

Vambora was born from the firsthand experience of immigrants without a credit history moving to Canada. Our mission is to empower those in similar situations, striving for equal financial opportunities for everyone.

The story of Vambora since the beginning.


Foundations for social impact.

Vambora began as an AI legal tech startup, dedicated to democratizing access to justice. We built our Beta product but then...


Immigrant resilience.

When the global pandemic hit, the technical cofounder left the company, but the dream wasn't over...


The Fintech pivot.

In September 2021, Vambora pivoted towards fintech, identifying a unique opportunity to serve immigrants with innovative financial solutions.


Empowering new beginnings.

Vambora made a tangible impact by assisting +100 immigrant families from Brazil, and +1,000 users signed up for testing the relocation planner.


Trust beyond borders.

Focused on solving the credit invisibility problem for new immigrants, Vambora laid the infrastructure of a Global Digital Identity System.


Back to the AI game.

Vambora steps into the future, integrating AI and Open Banking to launch Ava and the Trust Hub, heralding a new age of financial empowerment.

Meet the team behind Vambora.

Meet the minds driving Vambora's mission forward.

Amadeu Ferreira

Amadeu Ferreira

CEO & Founder
Alessandro Santos

Alessandro Santos

CTO & Cofounder
Laura Ferreira

Laura Ferreira

COO & Cofounder
Mariana Mello

Mariana Mello

Head of BD
Rodhmir Labadie

Rodhmir Labadie

Product Manager
Nate Jones

Nate Jones


Our values.

Driven by our commitment to excellence, we stand by our core values that define and shape every aspect of our work at Vambora.

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Inclusivity & Diversity.

Vambora champions a world where diversity is valued and inclusivity is standard. We're committed to creating financial solutions that serve and respect the unique needs of every community.

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Global Social Impact.

Our mission extends beyond finance. At Vambora, we are committed to igniting social change, arming communities with the tools they need for economic growth and self-sufficiency.

Security & Privacy.

Security is the cornerstone of trust. At Vambora, we safeguard your data with state-of-the-art privacy measures, ensuring a secure financial journey from start to finish.

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Community Driven.

Our drive comes from the communities we serve. Vambora is built on the voices of our users, continually adapting and innovating to meet and exceed their collective aspirations.