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Mar 17, 2024

Mariana Mello - Finding Financial Freedom in Canada

Explore Mariana's journey from Rio to Vancouver, a tale of resilience, empowerment, and the quest for financial inclusivity among immigrant women.

Mariana Mello - Finding Financial Freedom in Canada

In the modest suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, my childhood was filled with lessons on the true value of money and the essence of humility. Our family, though not wealthy, managed our finances wisely, ensuring we never felt lacking. The monthly Sunday lunches at my father's workplace were more than meals; they were moments to celebrate life and remember to cherish what we have.

A Desire for Exploration

Growing up, my curiosity always seemed to stretch beyond the opportunities my surroundings could offer. Working as a journalist in Brazil was fulfilling, yet it highlighted a craving for growth that seemed unreachable. Driven by this realization, my partner and I made the bold decision to look beyond our familiar borders, attracted by the potential for new beginnings.

Choosing Canada 🍁

Our move was inspired by a deep trust in the universe's energy and a practical job search aimed at environments where we could prosper. Canada, with its breathtaking landscapes and the comforting promise of family support in Vancouver, emerged as our new home. Armed with a job offer and a work permit, I was ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

Facing Challenges Head-On

The initial excitement of our new life in Canada was soon met with the complex realities of being an immigrant. Encountering the concept of credit scores was just one of many challenges, introducing us to the intricacies of starting anew. Thankfully, the unwavering support of our family taught us the value of having a strong community to help navigate these obstacles.

Empowerment is the art of turning obstacles into stepping stones and transforming silence into a chorus of resilience.

Reflections on Financial Inclusion

Years into my Canadian journey, I've gained insightful perspectives on the immigrant experience and the pressing need for more inclusive financial practices. The gap between Canada's multicultural ideals and the financial barriers newcomers face is an issue that demands attention and action.

The Power of Sharing

I've learned that empowerment comes from not just individual efforts but from shared experiences and collective endeavors. As immigrant women, our strength in overcoming adversity is unparalleled. By sharing our stories, we can dismantle barriers, inspire confidence, and open new pathways for ourselves and future generations.

A Toast to Immigrant Women 🥂

Let's celebrate the immigrant women who fight for equality and forge paths toward a more connected and equitable world. Our shared experiences showcase our resilience and highlight the critical role of financial empowerment in our lives.

Mariana's narrative goes beyond a personal account, offering hope and a call for action towards greater financial inclusivity and support for immigrants around the globe. It serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of shared experiences and the collective strength of women united in their efforts to overcome challenges and advocate for change.


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Mariana Mello

Mariana Mello

Head of BD

About the author.

Mariana, Vambora's Head of BD, uses her story and drive to innovate for financial inclusion, turning her immigrant experience into empowerment