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Mar 12, 2024

The Future is Female: A Vision of Empowerment and Equality with Ava

Ava is reshaping the landscape for financial inclusion by creating a seamless experience combining AI and Open Banking

The Future is Female: A Vision of Empowerment and Equality with Ava

The Future is Female: A Vision of Empowerment and Equality with Ava

We always dream about a better future, but usually disappointed at the results. How come we’re planning to move to another planet when we haven’t even figured out how to move to another country yet? There are bigger existential problems we need to tackle first, and financial inclusion is one of them.

Last week, we kicked off the campaign Financial Inclusion with Ava with Laura’s touching personal story:

Laura Ferreira, Vambora's COO & Cofounder
From a tender age, I witnessed the women around me navigate a world where their choices were not theirs. It was about more than just needing access to money; it was about missing the autonomy and empowerment that financial independence brings. I yearned to shatter this cycle, not in defiance but as a pursuit of what was rightfully mine—freedom.

For such a long time, women have been relegated to second plan when it comes to talking about their finances simply because this has always been a subject dealt by men.

When it comes to immigrant women, they’re mostly responsible for planning and managing their family finances. Yet, most of them are invisible to the financial system, simply because all the credit is literally given to their husbands.

It’s time to change that. Why?

Because the future is here. And the future is female!

The notion that "the future is female" isn't just a catchy slogan—it's a vision of a world reshaped by the hands of women who are fearless in their pursuits and boundless in their dreams. This isn't about sidelining other genders but about elevating women to stand equally in spaces where their voices have been historically muted.

Let’s dive into this future together.

On March 8th, we launched AvaGPT on OpenAI marketplace for free (only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers) to demonstrate the capabilities of what we’re building. Ava is our vision about how we can create financial inclusion by reinventing the archaic and exclusionary credit system.

To understand how we will make that happen, we need to understand what financial inclusion means:

  • Opportunity: What’s available for me to make financial decisions?
  • Agency: Can I make my own financial decisions?
  • Capacity: Do I have the resources to make a financial decision?
  • Literacy: If I have the Opportunity, Agency, and Capacity, do I have the financial literacy to make an informed decision?

We’re building the Ava App to be a Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution for individuals aiming to increase those four pillars when creating financial inclusion.

Imagine that you dream moving to a different country but have no idea how to choose where to live. The possibilities seem endless, and the choices overwhelming. AvaGPT can give you a comparison between cities so you can be better prepared. AvaGPT is now live as a custom GPT to help with custom financial advice and support to newcomers and international students planning their immigration journey. Check it out:

Ava: Your Personal Financial Guide

Ava GPT is more than just a financial tool; it's a companion in your journey towards financial independence. Built with cutting-edge AI technology, Ava offers personalized financial advice, tailored specifically to your unique financial goals and challenges. Whether you're planning for your future, managing daily expenses, or exploring investment opportunities, Ava will be here to simplify and demystify the world of finance for you.

Empowering Women in New Environments

We understand the unique financial hurdles that immigrants face in unfamiliar environments. Language barriers, cultural differences, and the daunting task of navigating a new financial system can be overwhelming. Ava is here to bridge that gap, offering insights and recommendations in a user-friendly manner, ensuring that financial management is accessible and empowering.

Features Tailored for Your Needs

  • Customized Financial Advice: Receive advice that evolves with your personal financial situation and goals by creating your Trust Profile, bringing your financial history with you wherever you go.
  • Easy-to-Understand Insights: Ava breaks down complex financial jargon into simple, actionable insights.
  • Multi-language Support: Ava speaks multiple languages, removing communication barriers for you.

Join Us in Celebrating Financial Empowerment

Let's take a bold step towards financial empowerment. Ava is a commitment from Vambora to ensure that every woman has the opportunity to achieve financial independence and confidence, regardless of where they come from or what challenges they face.

We invite you to experience Ava and join a growing community committed to financial empowerment and inclusivity. Your journey to financial freedom starts here.

Amadeu Ferreira

Amadeu Ferreira

CEO & Founder

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