Amadeu Ferreira

Amadeu Ferreira

CEO & Founder

The polymath leading the Vambora tribe

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About me

Amadeu Ferreira is the CEO & Founder of Vambora. He moved to Canada in 2016 and went through the struggles that newcomers face when relocating to a new country. Amadeu is, by nature, a creator and loves to build new stuff. His passion for learning whatever makes him curious forged him as a leader and a tech entrepreneur.

He has developed his career working for major Brazilian and Canadian companies as a Financial Analyst.

Amadeu has led a few product teams to design and build digital products in the AI and Blockchain/NFT spaces as an entrepreneur.

Academic background:

  • Bachelor in Law - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (2012)
  • MBA - Insper, Brazil (2016)
  • Financial Planning Services - Conestoga College, Canada (2017)
  • UX/UI design - Springboard, USA (2018)

His creative side flourishes as a musician, amateur photographer and illustrator. He dreams about creating and selling digital art in the form of NFTs.

Why Vambora?

When I moved to Canada from Brazil, I left everything behind for one simple reason: I wanted a better life for my family.

This decision came with many significant sacrifices, and our journey wasn't easy. We were lucky to have a community to support us when we needed it, and now it's time for us to give back to our community.

Vambora was born to help newcomers have a better experience when moving to a new country. We want to inspire them to be proud of their journey and own their story. Everyone deserves the chance to pursue the dream of a better life, and we're here to make that a reality.

Become part of the Vambora community and let's go!