Amadeu Ferreira

Amadeu Ferreira

CEO & Founder

About Amadeu.

Meet Amadeu Ferreira, the heart and soul behind Vambora. Amadeu isn't just our CEO; he's a tech enthusiast, a problem-solver, and a dreamer who believes in the power of innovation to change lives. His journey began in 2019, fueled by a passion for using technology to tackle big problems. Despite the rollercoaster ride of global challenges and the twists and turns of startup life, Amadeu's vision for Vambora has never wavered. With a favorite book like "The Obstacle Is the Way" by Ryan Holiday, it's no surprise that he sees every challenge as an opportunity to grow and innovate.

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What sets Amadeu apart is his unwavering optimism and his ability to turn setbacks into comebacks.

Starting Vambora in the challenging landscape of 2019, he navigated the company through a global pause in 2020, led a significant pivot to Vambora 2.0 in 2022, and faced down funding challenges with the courage of a lion. As Vambora gears up to celebrate its 5th anniversary with the much-anticipated launch of Vambora 3.0, Amadeu is more than just our CEO; he's our captain, steering us towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Outside the office, you'll find Amadeu exploring the latest tech gadgets, diving into books on philosophy and entrepreneurship, and always, always planning the next big thing for Vambora.