Laura Ferreira

Laura Ferreira

COO & Cofounder

About Laura.

Laura is the heartbeat behind the operations at Vambora, where her journey as a co-founder is a testament to her passion for creating spaces where people feel they belong. Originally hailing from Brazil, Laura's adventure took a pivotal turn in 2016 when she made Canada her new home, driven by a dream that stretched beyond borders.

With a background in law and a master's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Laura embodies the spirit of a process-driven professional. Her approach is meticulous, underpinned by a keen eye for detail and an insatiable appetite for learning. But it's not just her professional skills that make her stand out; Laura's personal values of empathy, vulnerability, and honesty shine through in everything she does, always sprinkled with a dash of humour (and a love for memes).

When the hustle of startup life winds down, Laura finds joy in the simpler things. Whether it's cuddling with her beloved dog, Chloe, or getting lost in the latest TV shows and movies, she cherishes her downtime with her loved ones.

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Laura's role at Vambora is multifaceted, weaving her extensive legal expertise with a profound understanding of human conflict and resolution. Her transition from a Brazilian lawyer to a pioneering force in Canada's tech landscape illustrates her adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Her leadership style is inclusive and inspirational, drawing heavily on her belief in the power of vulnerability and the strength found in collective empathy. At Vambora, Laura is not just leading operations; she's fostering a culture where innovation flourishes, and every team member feels valued and understood.

Inspired by thinkers like Brene Brown, Laura champions the idea that daring leadership is about showing up, being seen, and living our values — a philosophy that resonates deeply with Vambora's mission. Her commitment to building a platform that empowers and supports newcomers, coupled with her unique blend of professional skills and personal values, makes Laura an indispensable part of the Vambora family and a guiding light for its future.