Laura Ferreira

Laura Ferreira

VP of Operations

The boss lady who makes things happen

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About me

Laura Ferreira is the VP of Operations of Vambora. She moved to Canada from Brazil in 2016 with a dream of finding a place to belong. She keeps Vambora on track with a process-driven ethos and a very detail-oriented personality.

She does a little bit of everything: from legal, finance, HR, Compliance, to even testing the product and giving an opinion on marketing stuff. That's why she is the boss lady, and nothing gets past her.

She loves to learn new things and has worked in major Brazilian and Canadian companies in several different areas.

Academic background:

  • Bachelor in Law - Sao Paulo State University - UNESP, Brazil (2011)
  • Masters of Peace and Conflicts - University of Waterloo, Canada (2018)

She loves to cuddle with her dog, Chloe, and watch tv shows and movies in her spare time.

Why Vambora?

When I decided to change career and pursue my Masters of Peace and Conflicts, I knew one thing: I wanted to make the world a better place and help people. Working at Vambora allows me to do both.

Vambora's mission resonates personally with me as I've experienced firsthand the struggles of being a newcomer relocating to another country. I want to make sure people have the support they need to make their dreams come true.

Also, having many different skills and backgrounds made it hard for me to limit myself to one label in my professional career. Being Vambora's VP of Operations has allowed me to be myself and use all of my skills as a former lawyer, project manager, and peace practitioner. This helped me unlock my full potential, and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to be their whole selves at work.

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