Laura Ferreira - My journey towards Financial Empowerment

On International Women's Day, Laura Ferreira shares her journey from Brazil to Canada, overcoming financial barriers, and founding Vambora to empower immigrant women.

Laura Ferreira - My journey towards Financial Empowerment

On a day like today, when the world celebrates International Women's Day, I find myself reflecting on my own story. Financial freedom is a privilege few women have, and it's time to change that.

Hi, I'm Laura! I grew up in Brazil, enveloped in a family dynamic deeply rooted in tradition. My upbringing was under the strict watch of a patriarchal system where my father held the reins of financial decisions. This environment painted my early perceptions of gender roles and financial independence.

From a tender age, I witnessed the women around me navigate a world where their choices were not theirs. It was about more than just needing access to money; it was about missing the autonomy and empowerment that financial independence brings. I yearned to shatter this cycle, not in defiance but as a pursuit of what was rightfully mine—freedom.

At 14, driven by this desire for autonomy, I took my first steps toward financial independence. I embraced various jobs, not merely for earning but to relish the joy of making choices and purchases on my terms. Then, at 17, I entered Law school, only to be greeted by the same gender disparities I had hoped to leave behind.

After law school, I landed my first significant role and moved to São Paulo, the bustling heart of Brazil. For the first time, I was solely in charge of my finances. Navigating the complexities of financial independence was both challenging and exhilarating. My profession granted me privileges I hadn't fully appreciated—privileges that would starkly contrast with my experiences upon moving to Canada.

Canada presented a whole new chapter. Here, I was a stranger to the financial system, like solving a complex puzzle blindfolded. Despite support from friends and family, I faced constant setbacks—from securing housing to essentials like a cellphone plan and a bank account—all hindered by my non-existent credit history in this new land.

The defining moment came when a simple credit card application at Costco was declined. The words "Sorry, you have been declined because of your credit score" echoed a familiar feeling of invisibility, a stark reminder of my financial disempowerment, this time in a foreign country.

But every cloud has its silver lining.

These challenges illuminated the urgent need for accessible financial tools for immigrants, particularly women. This realization sparked the creation of Vambora—a solution designed to empower immigrants with the resources to navigate their finances confidently.

Vambora symbolizes the resilience of immigrants chasing freedom in a new country. It mirrors my childhood dream of financial self-sufficiency—a dream now extended to support others in their journey toward financial empowerment.

To all women, on this International Women's Day, let's commit to making the unseen seen, dismantling barriers, and fostering a world where everyone, regardless of gender, colour, or nationality, can flourish.

Happy International Women's Day!


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Laura Ferreira

Laura Ferreira

COO & Cofounder

About the author.

Laura Ferreira, co-founder of Vambora, champions financial empowerment for immigrant women, inspired by her journey from Brazil to Canada.